Cinabere Medical Center

Hertenlaan 15, 1560 Hoeilaart
Make an appointment: 0471/032.903

Welcome to Cinabere Medical Center Hoeilaart ! It is a particular and specific multidisciplinary medical center, based on Western medicine, with input from other treatment methods in addition. Are included: general medicine, sports medicine, traumatology, acupuncture and mesotherapy.

Some extern therapeutic experts collaborate also in general physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy and radiology.

Cinabere Center is near Brussels in a quiet and relaxing place next to the Sonian Forest.

One of the main objectives of the Center is to provide the possibility of having a comprehensive personal file for each patient covering all aspects of the patient’s health and their treatments being followed, and also to focus particularly on the success of the therapy and the relative cost of care to the patient.