General physiotherapy: learn more

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Physiotherapy is a discipline that involves the treatment of disorders through forms of manipulation and massage or the use of specific equipment.Working alongside the doctor and on medical prescription, a physiotherapist mainly treats disorders affecting the locomotor, neurological and respiratory systems.It can be used in all age groups.

Physiotherapy is using differnent methods: active or passive mobilisation, proprioception, muscle strengthening, mechanotherapy, stretching, neuromuscular relaxation, neurodynamic techniques, restraints (taping, strapping and K-taping), hooking, physiotherapy and electrotherapy, respiratory techniques, manual therapy, use of suction cups, …


Physiotherapy treatment is mainly provided for the following conditions:

  • Rehabilitation and restoration of athletic performance after a period of immobility ;
  • Disorders of muscles, tendons (tendinitis) and ligaments (sprains) ;
  • Skeletal and joint pain ;
  • Rehabilitation after traumatic injury ;
  • Rehabilitation and management of neurological disorders ;
  • Respiratory disorders at any age ;
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation ;
  • Degenerative disorders ;
  • Rehabilitation for facial and jaw problems ;
  • Rehabilitation for balance and posture problems.

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