Dr Jean-Louis Tixhon

Mesotherapy is a medical treatment technique that was developed in France during the 1960’s. It consists of local intra-dermal or subcutaneous micro-injections with medicine or natural substances.

In order to limit pain, a very fine and short needle is used to administer the injections

Corticoids or cortisone are never used.

If the patient is very sensitive ton pain (which can be the case with young children), it is advised to apply a numbing cream thirty minutes prior the treatment.

The injected products can be, phytotherapeutic substances, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants, products stimulating blood circulation, certain vaccines, muscle relaxing or skin rejuvenating and anti-ageing substances.

Mesotherapy is one of the main treatments chosen in sports médicine and for an effective treatment in case of rheumatism or arthritis. Treatments are generally carried out once or twice a week at the beginning, depending on the gravity and age of the injury.

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