Sports physiotherapy

External specialist

Sports physiotherapy is an independent specialty, separate from general physiotherapy and requiring high-level training in a university context.

It can help all those involved in sports, at all levels and at all ages.

Based on a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the context of the specific sport, practitioners are able to understand the mechanisms, positions and types of trauma that can give rise to injury and can therefore offer preventive or curative treatment for these.

The therapist has the necessary skills to carry out a full functional assessment (including strength and flexibility imbalances affecting different muscle groups, posture etc.). This results in optimised treatment.

Whether it is done preventively, when symptoms first occur, after a traumatic injury or even after a surgical procedure, sports physiotherapy helps the person involved in sports to get back into the game.

The practitioner may adapt the treatment during the course of the sessions and may also offer demonstrations and give advice on training at home.

The specialists at the Cinabere Center have links with physiotherapists with a reputation for excellence.

Physiotherapy is using different methods: active or passive mobilisation, proprioception, muscle strengthening, mechanotherapy, stretching, neuromuscular relaxation, neurodynamic techniques, restraints (taping, strapping and K-taping), hooking, physiotherapy and electrotherapy, respiratory techniques, manual therapy, use of suction cups …

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